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Albany Birth Injury Lawyer

Albany Birth Injury Lawsuit

Birth injuries are the result of harm caused to a newborn’s body function or structure due to an adverse event that occurred at birth. A birth injury may occur during labor, delivery, or after delivery, especially in newborns that require CPR in the delivery room.

Birth injuries range from minor, such as bruising, to severe injuries that may result in significant developmental delays or death. Risk factors that increase the chance of birth injury include the weight, size and position of the fetus, weight and size of the mother or the bone structure of the mother’s pelvis, and/or the use of obstetrical instrumentation during delivery.

When instrumentation is used to assist the mother in delivering the newborn, forceps or a vacuum device may be applied to the fetal head and used to help extract the fetus. These methods, either independently or when used in combination, can greatly increase the risk of birth-related injuries.

Not all birth injuries can be prevented even with the best of care, but some birth injuries are simply indefensible and the result of poor judgment or link to policy and/or procedural problems within the hospital.

Why You Need A Birth Injury Lawyer from Powers & Santola, LLC

Birth injuries can cause physical, emotional and psychological trauma. If you suspect that medical or obstetrical malpractice hurt you or your child, or resulted in the death of your infant during childbirth, contact Powers & Santola, LLP., to schedule a free consultation at our Albany or Syracuse office.

Our skilled team of medical malpractice attorneys handles medical negligence and obstetrical malpractice cases such as:

Types of Birth Injuries

Extracranial injuries

Intracranial injuries

Shoulder Dystocia

Brachial plexus

Cerebral Palsy