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Anesthesiologist Malpractice Attorneys

Anesthesiologist Malpractice Attorneys: Anesthesia Complications

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) tracks claims of “adverse outcomes” (complications) arising from the use of anesthesia. The majority of the more than 5,000 claims they have gathered since 1961 involve relatively healthy adults undergoing non-emergency surgery.

One-half of all anesthesia complications involve death of the patient (30%), brain damage (12%), and nerve damage (18%). Injuries can also include permanent neurological injury to a part of the body that was not involved in the surgery.

The Albany medical malpractice law firm of Powers & Santola, LLP., has substantial experience in handling cases of anesthesiologist malpractice. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable medical malpractice attorneys offer sound legal advice and dedicated representation to families affected by medical malpractice.

If your loved one suffered serious, permanent or fatal injury during surgery or while in recovery because of anesthesia, consult a lawyer who can help you determine whether or not an anesthesiologist’s mistake may have been the cause.

There are time limits to bringing a medical malpractice claim. It is wise to get a professional legal opinion before you lose your chance to seek compensation.

Our medical malpractice attorneys have handled thousands of medical malpractice cases in New York State. Our results speak for themselves: we have achieved millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.

Claims of anesthesia error or anesthesiologist malpractice often involve:

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If a family member suffered serious brain damage or died during or after surgery, it is understandable that you have many questions. Our medical malpractice attorneys will review the medical information more completely and can advise you on whether to proceed with a medical malpractice claim. Contact Powers & Santola, LLP., online or call us to schedule a free consultation in our Albany, Syracuse, or Rochester offices.

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Powers & Santola are in my opinion, one of the best firms in the nation that deals with product liability litigation. I cannot imagine anyone being more professional, more compassionate, or fighting harder for a client than Powers and Santola. They brought peace and safety to me and my family during one of the most horrifying times in my life.

– Christopher