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Albany, NY Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Lawyers

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Fatal Misdiagnosis and Treatment of Heart Attack and Stroke

Claims against hospital emergency departments frequently involve the death of an individual who went to the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack or stroke that were ignored and the patient was sent home prematurely.

Examples of misdiagnoses that can constitute medical malpractice include:

Do I Have a Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Case?

If you lost a loved one because the emergency room misdiagnosed a heart attack or stroke, or sent your family member home prematurely, contact the Albany medical malpractice lawyers at Powers & Santola, LLP.

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Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke

Serious injury or death may result from a misdiagnosed heart attack or delayed stroke diagnosis. Below are some of the things that should have occurred when your loved one went to the emergency room complaining of symptoms. If you suspect malpractice took place, talk with an attorney who can review the medical record and give you answers.

Proper emergency room care for a patient with symptoms of stroke includes evaluation by a physician within 10 minutes of arrival in the emergency room, and a CT scan within 25 minutes of arrival. Delays in treatment can be fatal.

Intravenous tissue plasmic activator (tPA) should be administered within 3 hours of onset of symptoms and less than 60 minutes after arrival in the emergency room (if the patient meets certain criteria). Patients who are not candidates for intravenous tPA should promptly be given an initial dose of 325 mg of aspirin.

Once the stroke or heart attack has been treated, the doctor should focus on preventing complications from occurring during the critical next few days.

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If you were treated improperly in a New York hospital emergency room and suffered serious personal injury because of a stroke or heart attack misdiagnosis, talk to an experienced malpractice lawyer. Contact Powers & Santola, LLP., online or call us to schedule a free consultation in our Albany, Rochester, or Syracuse offices.

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