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Every injured person looks forward to the day when he/she leaves the hospital, finishes rehab and gets back to living a normal life. If you have suffered a serious injury that left you with disfiguring scars on your face, head or neck, you know that the struggle for recovery does not end when you stop seeing the doctor.

Visible scars from motor vehicle accidents, fire, chemical burns, or electrical burns can cause the injured person to feel extremely self-conscious in public. A once-confident person may become withdrawn, unwilling to do the activities they once did. They may experience bouts of depression and hopelessness. These psychological damages are very real.

A scar can have physical effects as well. Scar tissue impairs a person’s ability to move freely. Scarring in the face can distort facial movements. Extensive scarring of an arm or hand can impair function of that body part. Sometimes this can be improved with surgery; sometimes it cannot. Every person responds differently to trauma and some people develop more severe scars than others.

If you were injured because of the negligence of another — such as a reckless truck driver or a careless subcontractor on a construction site — you deserve compensation for your injuries and the medical care you may need throughout your life to address the effects of scarring and disfigurement.

The True Costs of Extensive Scarring

Your compensation should cover not only your initial medical care and rehabilitation services, it should also include:

These services are essential in order to help people with serious scars, especially facial scars, deal with their injuries effectively. A financial recovery from the responsible party may be essential to ensuring that you and your family can afford the treatment that is needed.

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