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Car Accident Investigations - Car Accident Experts

man taking pictures of car accident scene

Car accident investigations can be complex matters. However, every investigation will essentially boil down to answering three questions:

With their training, experience and insights, experts can play a vital role in all of these stages. This is why the car accident lawyers of Powers & Santola, LLP, work with highly qualified experts from a wide range of different fields when we investigate cases on behalf of our clients.

Our goal is to ensure that justice is served and that our clients are fully and fairly compensated through either a settlement with the insurance company or a verdict returned by a jury.

The following is an explanation of the different experts who may be called upon to assist in an auto accident investigation and/or to testify in a case.

To learn more about the role car accident experts could play in your case, please feel free to contact us today. We provide free consultations to car accident victims and their families in Albany, Syracuse and throughout New York State.

Accident Reconstruction Experts

Accident reconstruction begins with examining the accident scene and vehicles involved in the crash. It may include physical inspection of the scene or study of photos. Skid marks, debris, vehicle damage and positioning of the vehicles after a crash can all provide helpful information. Electronic data recorders, or “black boxes,” can also indicate what happened just before or at the moment of the crash. Using this information and principles of engineering and physics, an accident reconstruction expert can determine movement, speeds and trajectories of vehicles and/or vehicle occupants and the force of impact in a car wreck.


An auto accident may be traced to a driver’s reckless decision to get behind the wheel after drinking too much or using illegal or prescription drugs. A toxicologist can analyze breath, blood or urine test results and explain how a driver’s alcohol or substance use impaired the driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle.


A certified mechanic who examines vehicles involved in a car crash can help determine whether the failure of an automotive part such as brakes, tires or a steering system contributed to a crash. In many cases, the auto part or car manufacturer may be held liable for the accident victim’s losses.

Civil Engineers

A problem with a roadway may contribute to an auto accident, leading to liability for a government agency and/or its contractors. An expert in civil engineering can identify and explain faulty road conditions and whether they are due to a flawed design or neglected maintenance. The expert can also explain why the roadway defect served as a contributing factor in a crash.

Medical Experts

It is important to work with medical experts who can examine your medical records and explain the extent of your injuries and your anticipated recovery, or prognosis. The expert can identify physical and/or psychological problems created by the injuries you have suffered in a crash. A medical expert can also project the future treatment you may require, including physical, vocational, occupational and other rehabilitative therapy.

Economics Experts

A full recovery includes being able to return to work and the life you lived before your auto accident. Accident victims who do not fully recover can suffer continued financial and quality-of-life losses, which must be accounted for in a settlement or verdict. Financial analysts and actuaries can project your probable lifespan and your continued economic needs versus your anticipated income. In cases of substantial permanent disability, a detailed life care plan may be developed.

How Our Syracuse & Albany Car Accident Attorneys Can Use Experts in Your Case

With a full and accurate picture of the car accident and your past and future damages, an Albany car accident lawyer from Powers & Santola, LLP, will have leverage when seeking a settlement through the at-fault party’s insurance company. If a settlement cannot be reached, we will be well-prepared to go to court on your behalf and present a persuasive case to a jury.

Since 1987, our attorneys have assisted New York residents who have suffered permanent, life-changing injuries in auto accidents, including traumatic brain injuries, back and spine injuries, paralysis and amputations.

Our Syracuse and Albany car accident attorneys devote the resources necessary to conduct thorough investigations and meticulously prepare our cases. This approach has led to a track record of success on behalf of our clients.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injuries in a car crash in Albany, Syracuse or elsewhere in New York, reach us by phone or online to discuss your case. We would be glad to provide you with a free and confidential consultation.