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How Coronavirus (COVID-19) Might Affect Lawsuits in New York

As a New York medical malpractice and personal injury law firm, we have received many inquiries as to how the coronavirus outbreak might impact lawsuits.  I want to share some of my thoughts on how the coronavirus could have an… See More

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What is the Importance of Medical Record Review?

Medical malpractice cases turn on key facts, such as what treatment a doctor ordered and what information the doctor knew at the time of diagnosis or treatment. Often, it is difficult to piece together what happened after the fact, so… See More

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When is a Misdiagnosis Considered Medical Malpractice?

Doctors make mistakes, and one common situation involves making a wrong diagnosis. A patient might show up at the emergency room with signs of measles, but the doctor doesn’t correctly identify the disease either because of carelessness, inexperience, or lack… See More

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How Do You Prove Wrongful Death?

Perhaps even more devastating than suffering any injury to one’s own person is losing a loved one following a catastrophic incident, such as a car accident or medical negligence. When a serious and fatal incident occurs, surviving family members are… See More

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What Is Considered A Catastrophic Injury?

While any injury has the potential to feel traumatic and serious, there are only a handful of injury types that experts classify as “catastrophic.” Catastrophic injuries aren’t only those that cause severe amounts of physical harm, but those that are… See More

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Is Child Sexual Abuse More Frequent with Boys than Girls?

Mother comforted his boy crying.

At the outset, the answer to this question shouldn’t matter. Any and every child who suffers sexual abuse at the hands of an offender has experienced unbearable pain, emotional anguish, and agonizing suffering. Unfortunately, according to data assembled by the… See More

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Why is Sexual Abuse so Prevalent in the Catholic Church

Teenage girl is traumatized on the car accident she is in.

Though many people have sought answers to this difficult question, accurate information on the reasons for sexual abuse in Catholicism is scant and largely based upon opinion. Still, no one would argue that it’s not a huge problem in New… See More

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Powers & Santola, LLP Lawyers Recognized for Outstanding Work

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 16, 2019 Powers & Santola, LLP Lawyers Recognized for Outstanding Work ALBANY, New York– The plaintiffs-only personal injury law office of Powers & Santola, LLP is proud to announce that many of its lawyers… See More

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What Are Some Examples of Medical Malpractice?

Visiting the doctor, a medical specialist, a surgeon, or another healthcare professional only to walk away with more harm and complications than you started with can be unnerving. Unfortunately, such is the reality for hundreds of patients every year –… See More

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What Is The Child Victims Act?

Child sexual abuse has long-ranging impacts on victims. The experience can threaten their sense of self-worth, their relationships with others, their physical and mental health, and the circumstances under which they can succeed in life. Unfortunately, children and adults, who… See More

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