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Cerebral Palsy

When Medical Malpractice Results in Brain Damage and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can be the result of an avoidable birth injury. Additionally, it can have other causes or no known cause. In order to determine if your child’s cerebral palsy was the result of a delivery room error or malpractice, a medical expert will need to review the medical chart to determine if medical negligence led to brain damage.

Do I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

If your child suffered fetal distress during delivery and later was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you may suspect negligence. Call the law offices of Powers & Santola, LLP., at 315-308-1020 or contact us online. We offer a free initial consultation at our offices in Albany and Syracuse in upstate New York.

Our medical malpractice attorneys handle birth injury cases against doctors and midwives, hospitals and clinics in New York State. Our results speak for themselves: we have achieved millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for families whose children suffered serious injury during pregnancy and childbirth.

Cerebral Palsy and Lack of Oxygen to the Brain

Treating Fetal Hypoxia

Diagnosing Cerebral Palsy

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If your child has cerebral palsy and you suspect negligence, talk to an experienced upstate New York medical malpractice lawyer. Contact Powers & Santola, LLP., online or call us to schedule a free consultation in our Albany (518-465-5995) or Syracuse office (315-308-1020) in upstate New York.