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Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

New York Attorneys: Fatal Misdiagnosis and Treatment of Heart Attack and Stroke

Claims against hospital emergency departments frequently involve the death of an individual who went to the emergency room with symptoms of a heart attack or stroke that were ignored and the patient was sent home prematurely.

Examples of misdiagnoses that can constitute medical malpractice include:

Do I Have a Heart Attack Misdiagnosis Case?

Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke

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If you were treated improperly in a New York hospital emergency room and suffered serious personal injury because of a stroke or heart attack misdiagnosis, talk to an experienced malpractice lawyer. Contact Powers & Santola, LLP., online or call us to schedule a free consultation in our Albany (518-465-5995) or Syracuse office (315-308-1020).