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Presenting a Subtle Brain Injury Case in Court


Life in the 21st century is moving at a rapidly accelerating pace. We are expected to do more — increasingly more — in a shorter period of time. We must prioritize our time. Multi-tasking is essential to get through the day. We are inundated with information, often in cryptic formats, such as text messages.

All of this speaks to the need for higher level thinking skills to handle the complexity of daily life — and especially work life. As a consequence, even subtle brain injuries can be disabling, more disabling than in the past.

The challenge a lawyer faces when bringing a subtle brain injury case to court is to overcome the cynicism of the jury and the insurance company. Our job as personal injury attorneys is to demonstrate to the jury the ways in which a subtle brain injury is more debilitating than it first appears to be. This is a serious injury and people who have suffered it deserve fair compensation.

At Powers & Santola, LLP., we understand juries — how they think and how they learn.

We present a clear, compelling case by:

What if everything appears normal — even though it isn’t? We know that no one wants to view him or herself as having “deficits,” so most of us engage in denial. This is especially true for people with brain damage. Coworkers may be “covering” for the injured person, allowing him or her to perform less demanding work. Teachers work to minimize deficits whenever possible and prefer to not “label” their students.

We understand that it’s going to be necessary to dig deeper to get the real picture. We have the staff, the knowledge and the resources to do so.

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