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Chronic Pain from Injuries - Lawyers Serving Syracuse & Albany, NY


Financial Recovery for People Suffering Chronic Pain After an Injury

Pain is one of the side effects of an injury for which it can be difficult to achieve fair compensation. Pain cannot be seen. Different people experience pain to different degrees. So how can a personal injury lawyer properly bring a claim for compensation for pain, especially chronic pain?

Our job as personal injury attorneys is to demonstrate to the jury the ways in which chronic pain is, indeed, a debilitating injury and that people who suffer chronic pain deserve fair compensation.

At the upstate New York law office of Powers & Santola, LLP., we understand juries. We develop clear and compelling cases that allow the jury to see the daily effect of chronic pain on the life of an injured person and his or her family. Chronic pain can lead to:

Making Sure the Jury Understands Your Pain

There are a number of ways to gather evidence of pain and its affect on your life, including:

Your injuries are very real. Our injury lawyers have worked with many clients who suffer chronic back pain after a serious fall, a car accident, or who suffer debilitating headaches after a head injury. We can present an effective case to achieve financial recovery for you.

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