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Litigating Construction Accident Cases in New York


A Synopsis:

Dan Santola doesn’t just practice New York construction accident law, he wrote the book other lawyers use in prosecuting construction accident personal injury claims. “Litigating Construction Accident Claims in New York” by Daniel R. Santola combines expert legal analysis, practice instruction and guidance, and sample litigation forms covering New York’s Labor Law Sections 200, 240(1), 241(6) and 241-a.

It teaches readers how to understand and act upon the correct Labor Laws in New York and digs into appellate court conclusions to reveal the true issues and reasoning behind each court’s ruling of the facts. With this book, attorneys, judges, insurance carriers and their staff can successfully prosecute, defend and decide any type of construction accident case with any given set of facts anywhere in New York. He is the attorney other attorneys look to for guidance on New York’s Safe Place to Work laws.

Litigating New York Construction Accident Cases, 2010 ed

By: Daniel R. Santola, Esq.

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Book Preface:

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