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New York Construction Law


Attorney Daniel R. Santola writes in his book, Litigating Construction Accident Cases in New York, that our state’s building progress “has not been measured just by how high our skyscrapers have become but also by our state’s firm commitment to the protection of its workers.”

This commitment is reflected in New York State’s labor laws. These laws require construction site owners and contractors to ensure the safety of workers. If they fail to do so, these laws give workers the right to seek just compensation.

If you have been injured at a construction site or lost a family member in a construction accident in Albany, Syracuse or elsewhere in New York State, you should learn more about these laws by contacting an experienced construction law attorney from Powers & Santola, LLP. We can provide a timely, free and confidential consultation.

New York State Labor Law § 240(1)

New York State Labor Law § 241(6)

New York State Labor Law § 241-a

New York State Labor Law § 200

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As the above indicates, New York has several laws that are aimed at protecting workers. These laws give workers the right to be free of hazards at their jobs – and to recover compensation if they are hurt by such hazards. However, as you can see, these laws are complex. This is why you should seek experienced legal help after a construction accident.

The attorneys of Powers & Santola, LLP, have a long history of standing up for the rights of injured construction workers and their families in Albany, Syracuse and throughout New York State. Allow us to put our skill and experience to work for you by calling us today or reaching us online. You can schedule a free consultation about your case.