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Equipment Operator Injuries in NY Construction Accidents


Regardless of the type of equipment you are using on a construction site, whether a dump truck, backhoe, bucket truck or any other type of motorized equipment, New York has specific regulations as to how these activities are to be performed. For example, if a truck driver is backing up a truck on a construction site, there must be a spotter to assist the driver. If a spotter is not used and an injury occurs to a worker on the site, the worker can recover under the New York Safe Place to Work Laws.

At Powers & Santola, LLP., we are seen as a pre-eminent law firm in the field of personal injury. We have spent decades representing injured workers and learning the unique aspects of New York’s safety laws, including Labor Law section 240 and Labor Law section 241. If you were injured on a construction site, reach out to an experienced and knowledgeable NYC equipment operator injury lawyer at our firm.

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Syracuse attorney Dan Santola will listen to your story and then review New York’s unique laws to determine if they apply in your situation. If they do, he will explain to you your rights and options for moving forward. If you decide to file a claim, he will handle all procedural, investigative and analytical aspects of your case. You can rest assured that you have placed your claim in the hands of a highly capable, experienced and dedicated advocate.

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If you suffered an equipment operator injury due to safety violations on a construction site, contact our New York law firm today. We represent residents of New York as well as out-of-state workers who were injured while on the job in New York.