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Falling Objects at NY Construction sites


Do I Have a Case?

The same laws that require project owners and their contractors to provide protection to workers to prevent falls from heights also require adequate safety measures to be taken to prevent injuries caused by falling objects when materials are being hoisted or lowered or need to be secured in place.

Typically these accidents occur when:

The falling object can be any form of building material used in construction, building demolition or repair of a building or man-made structure such as a bridge, tower, dam, transmission lines, utility poles or large machinery.

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Regardless of the type of job you have on a construction site, whether you are a member of a union, whether you live in New York State or come from another state or a foreign country to work in New York, you are protected by these laws. Contact our New York law firm for a free consultation with one of our Albany attorneys. There are no commitments only free answers to your questions.