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Falls from Elevated Places at NY construction sites


On-the-Job Falls From Heights: Who Pays?

In New York, the law recognizes the dangers workers face when they work at heights. Whether in new construction, repair work, restoration, or painting and cleaning, a lack of safety equipment and standards puts workers at risk of dangerous falls.

The laws in New York make it clear that when workers are not provided with a safe work environment, when injury or death results, the liable party — the one who is ultimately responsible for paying the worker — is the project owner and its contractors.

There are no excuses for an unsafe work environment, and New York construction accident falls attorney Dan Santola makes sure everyone responsible, especially the property owner, is held accountable.

A Work Site Fall Is Always a Preventable Accident

Most accidents at construction sites or other work sites are preventable. The failure to prevent accidents can cause devastating injuries. Often the worker is unable to return to work. In the worst accidents, a worker is killed. There are no good excuses for allowing a dangerous work environment to injure workers.

Learn more about the pitfalls to avoid in How to Lose a Good Case.

A worker on a utility pole needs the proper equipment to ensure safety. Whether standing on a building, a water tower, the roof of a building, or the top of a pile of construction material or debris, a worker needs the protection of safety equipment and proper safety training and procedures.

Nets, safety harnesses, suspended scaffolds, railings, stable catwalks, reinforced ceilings — whatever the situation calls for — should be in place before the first worker starts work.

While walking on planks in an attic under construction, the worker was getting his safety harness. It was dark, and there was no railing. The worker fell through the ceiling, landing 60 feet down on top of a hot boiler. He lived, but with paralyzed legs and scars from serious burns. The general contractor on the job had to pay. The lawyer was Dan Santola.

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