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Falls from Heights at construction sites in NY


On a construction site, whether at the top of a utility pole, on a roof, on scaffolding, on a ladder or on a water tower, workers face the danger of falling.

Owners of projects or property are responsible for providing safety equipment and procedures to prevent workers from falling. Any fall — from a few feet to 10, 20, 40 or more feet — can have serious consequences.

If you are a worker who was injured in a fall, or if a loved one was killed in a fatal fall at work, talk to New York fall injury attorney Dan Santola. Our law firm knows the law well, and we use it to protect the rights of workers.

When Working in High Places, One Mistake Can Mean Serious Injury or Death

Project owners and general contractors know the dangers workers face. In a construction accident fall, a worker can suffer a life-changing brain injury. A fall from a scaffold can cause a broken neck, a spinal injury or death. The consequences are enormous — and the law says the owner is liable.

New York’s Safe Place to Work laws take special note of the dangers of falling. Property owners are expected to protect workers from the dangers of gravity. When a utility company hires an independent contractor, for example, and fails to provide appropriate safety gear, the utility company cannot hide behind the “independent contractor” excuse.

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Why do you need an attorney? An injury that may seem minor to a judge or jury can be devastating to a construction worker. A worker who lost 50 percent of the function in a wrist, for example, could never again work at the only job he knew, roofing. His Syracuse lawyer, Dan Santola, made a strong argument and won compensation for the worker.

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