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Falls From Ladders at Upstate NY construction sites


Any time a ladder is used on a job — a construction job, cleaning job, painting or many other types of work— safety should be a concern. If that concern is not met, if the ladder is unsafe and a worker falls and is injured or killed, the responsibility goes all the way to the top: the property owner. This is true regardless of who owns the ladder, who supplied it to the worker, or who set the ladder up, even if it was the worker himself or herself.

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A ladder is safe only when it is properly secured. If the ladder is not secured, there will be no excuses under New York scaffolding laws. The property owner and the contractors hired cannot hide behind the excuse that they had nothing to do with supplying the ladder or how it was used. Under New York’s scaffolding laws, they are absolutely liable for the worker and his family, and they are not allowed to push that responsibility off onto another contractor or the worker.

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Ladder Safety Violations Put Workers’ Lives at Risk

It can seem like a simple task to climb a ladder to do work, but if the ladder slips, kicks out, collapses, or if a worker’s balance changes and the ladder slides, the resulting work injuries can be devastating, causing broken bones, spinal injuries, head injuries and even death.

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A ladder should always be on firm footing. Ropes and clamps should be used when needed. Moving work materials up and down a ladder should never be allowed — and alternatives must be provided. Every worker should know the rules — and every owner should make sure the rules and safety equipment are in place.

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