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Falls from Roofs


Without the Right Equipment, Roofs Are Dangerous and Falls From Roofs Are Common

Property owners, contractors and subcontractors know (or should know) how to prevent falls from roofs. When they fail to meet their obligations for worker safety, preventable accidents, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death can be the result. If you or a loved one was the victim of a New York roofing safety violation, our Syracuse lawyers at the law firm of Powers & Santola, LLP., would like to talk with you.

When a roofer is not given the proper safety equipment to prevent falls from a roof, is the property owner responsible? Yes, the responsibility and legal liability go all the way back to the top: the property owner.

New York roof fall injury attorney Dan Santola uses his in-depth knowledge of New York Safe Place to Work laws to obtain maximum compensation for workers injured on the job. Dan is the author of the book on Litigating Construction Accidents in New York.

Bad Railings, Bad Plankings and No Harnesses Create Danger

No worker should be asked to work under hazardous conditions without the proper safety equipment, but property owners in a hurry and contractors cutting costs can place workers in danger. When they are held responsible for the damages, the work site will become safer — and the worker suffering from a catastrophic work injury will be compensated.

Heights, uneven work surfaces and the pitches of roofs, make roofing jobs dangerous. Contractors need to supply planks, railings, elevated work platforms, safety harnesses, lanyards, man-lifts and safe means of hoisting necessary materials and equipment. When a roofer from Massachusetts lost his grip while climbing a 10-foot ladder as he tried to carry roofing material, he only fell a few feet to the ground below. He is now a paraplegic as a result of that preventable work injury. His Massachusetts lawyers had the foresight to contact Powers & Santola for help. Through the efforts of Dan Santola, he now has the ability to live an independent and meaningful life with the dignity all disabled people are entitled to.

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Two things are important for protecting workers: strong laws and lawyers with the determination, passion and knowledge to enforce those laws. At Powers & Santola, LLP., we represent injured workers. Contact our Albany attorney for a free consultation.