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Falls from Scaffolding in Upstate NY


Unsafe Scaffolding Dangerously Increases Risk of Injury and Death

When working at heights, scaffolding puts workers where they need to be to get the job done. When the scaffolding is in good condition and well-constructed, and when all safety requirements are met, workers are able to safely do their work.

When the scaffolding fails, when the proper procedures are not in place, dangerous falls can cause catastrophic injuries and fatal accidents. You can find New York scaffolding accident attorneys who know the law and who will fight for complete compensation for the injured worker at the Powers & Santola, LLP., law firm.

Scaffolding is getting safer in New York because of strong Safe Place to Work laws and attorneys who will take property owners and their contractors to court to hold them liable for worker injuries. Construction accident attorney Dan Santola is a leader in the fight to hold owners accountable. He has lectured other lawyers and judges on this topic for more than 25 years.

Tips, Tilts, Lack of Railings, Overloaded Scaffolding Create an Unsafe Condition

On scaffolding, workers are high above the ground. When the scaffolding is properly constructed and erected, the workers are safe. But when safety is not a priority, workers can be placed in life-threatening situations.

Accidents involving scaffolding happen for many different reasons. Whether due to lack of safety rails, the absence of a safety harness, unstable footings, lack of a material hoist or one of many other reasons, a momentary misstep can result in a catastrophic accident.

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Was the scaffolding overloaded or not high enough to reach the work area, making it necessary for the worker to improvise? Whatever the reason, the property owners and their contractors are liable.

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Attorney Dan Santola and the team of lawyers at Powers & Santola, LLP., have a well-earned reputation for holding property owners and their contractors accountable for workplace injuries. Contact our Syracuse lawyer for a free consultation.