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A Quick Glance at New York’s ‘Scaffold Law’ – Labor Law § 240

Our Albany construction accident lawyers give a quick glance at New York’s ‘Scaffold Law’.

The purpose of Labor Law §240 – New York’s “Scaffold Law” – is to ensure that proper safety devices are provided to workers who perform tasks in a location or in a manner in which they could fall from one level to another or be struck by an object that falls from one level to another. If you would like to read the plain text of Labor Law §240, click here.

In this section, we break down the text of the statute:

Who has a duty under the law?
Who does not have a duty under the law?
Who does the law protect?
What activities does the law cover?
What does the law require?
What are the law’s specific requirements for scaffolding or staging?
What type of scaffolding or staging does the law not cover?
How Can a New York Scaffold Accident Attorney Help You?

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