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Repairmen Injuries in Upstate NY


Powers & Santola, LLP., is a pre-eminent New York personal injury law firm. Our dedicated personal injury lawyers have spent decades representing New York residents and out-of-state workers who were injured while doing on-site repair in New York. We know how New York’s safe workplace laws apply in all varieties of on-the-job accidents.

If you are a repairman and you were injured while doing on-site repairs in New York, reach out to our Albany attorneys.

New York Safe Place to Work Laws Apply to All Repairmen

When we speak to injured repairmen during their free consultations, we are most often asked whether there are any laws that are there to protect them from unsafe workplaces. The answer to that question is a resounding “yes.” Labor Law section 240 and Labor Law section 241 apply to:

We Have the Experience Required to Frame Your Case in the Proper Light

Working within the framework of New York’s construction laws can be challenging, as there are numerous nuances involved in many of the applicable statutes. Albany repairmen injuries attorney Dan Santola has the expertise required to analyze repairmen injuries and determine how those injuries fit within the framework provided under the law. He will ensure you understand your rights and options for pursuing a claim. He will then stand by your side throughout the litigation process.

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To put the experience, knowledge and dedication that we can provide on your case, contact Powers & Santola, LLP. We offer free case evaluations to new clients and are always willing to accept referrals from other attorneys.