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Utility Worker Injury in Upstate NY


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Do I Have a Case?

While few people think of utility workers as construction workers, in many cases New York’s unique labor laws protect utility workers in the same way they protect roofers, iron workers and other construction workers.

When utility workers work on structures such as utility poles, towers or buildings, they are covered by New York’s unique “scaffolding” laws (Section 240 of New York Labor Law). Utility workers’ who work in trenches — those working with water lines, natural gas or electric lines — are covered by New York’s Safe Place to Work Laws.

These laws provide broad protections and allow for a greater degree of compensation (above workers’ compensation benefits) for injured workers such as:

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Utility Worker Injury: Do Special Labor Laws Apply to You?

Whether your injuries are covered under New York construction laws will depend upon how your accident occurred. A New York utility worker injury attorney at our firm can review the facts of your case and advise you if you qualify for financial recovery from a third party. No commitment, just free advice.

Our Syracuse lawyers have handled every type of construction accident claim, including:

Who Is Financially Liable?

Under New York’s unique labor laws covering construction and construction-related workers, both the property owner and the contractor can be held financially responsible for accidents occurring on the property due to safety failures. While violations of the New York Safe Place to Work Laws must be investigated and proven, if no safety devices were provided to workers at all, New York law automatically assigns fault to the contractor and owner because of the safety violation.

An owner may attempt to avoid liability by saying he or she does not control the utility company or did not give permission to do the work. This is unlikely to be an effective defense because the statutes place responsibility on those named on the deed. The easement provider is always responsible.

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