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New York's Commitment to Protect Construction Workers

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Construction Worker Injury in New York

Workers performing construction, demolition and excavation work are exposed to hazardous conditions which are unique to the building trades. Construction projects, large or small, are traditionally awarded to the lowest bidders. Once awarded a contract, a successful bidder must then complete the work within the terms of the contract and hope to make a profit. From an economic point of view, this system promotes efficiency and the development of new building techniques, thereby, theoretically speaking, reducing the cost of the project for the owner. However, it can also lead to cutting corners, especially where safety is involved. If you suffered a serious injury in a construction accident in New York, the attorneys of Powers & Santola, LLP., can offer you knowledgeable legal advice and experienced representation in pursuit of full and fair financial compensation and the benefits you may be entitled to. Please contact us today.

Safety Shortcuts and Construction Worker Injury

Work Site Safety in New York State

Construction Worker Injury and Workers' Compensation

Construction Worker Injury and Vicarious Liability

Owner and Contractor Liability

Absolute Liability

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