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Were You Injured in New York?

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If You Were Injured in New York, Our Laws Are on Your Side

No matter where you live — New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire or any other state or country — if you were injured at a New York construction/work site, you are protected by New York’s Safe Place to Work laws.

Injured out-of-state construction workers often do not know their rights — and lawyers in other states are usually unfamiliar with New York’s laws. At Powers & Santola, LLP., our Albany attorneys can work directly with you or your attorney to make sure you have the maximum compensation you deserve under New York law.

Because there can only be one way to conduct a work project — the safe way — New York’s Safe Place to Work Laws apply to all workers no matter what their home state or country may be.

Contractors and Property Owners Cannot Escape From Their Responsibility

In New York, we take workplace safety seriously. A property owner is not allowed to hire the lowest bidder and then try to shift the responsibility to comply with New York’s Safe Place to Work Laws over to the subcontractor when a safety violation causes injury. This is true even when the violation was caused by the worker’s own employer or a co-worker. This is called vicarious liability, meaning one person (the property owner and/or the contractor) is held liable for the wrongful acts of another (the general contractor and/or the subcontractors hired).

Unfortunately, safety is often the first thing cut when a contractor has gone over budget. If you were injured on the job due to a violation of these laws, you have valuable legal rights that need to be pursued.

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Know your rights as a worker injured on a New York job site. We welcome your calls and questions no matter where you live. Contact a Syracuse lawyer at our law firm for a free consultation.