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Undocumented Workers


New York Workplace Injury Attorneys Helping Injured Immigrant Workers

Do I Have a Case?

New York state works hard to ensure the safety of workers. Before other states took action, New York created “safe place to work” laws that cover all workers, regardless of immigration status.

Work covered by these laws includes construction work, building repair, painting and cleaning of buildings and large structures (including utility poles, bridges, boats and large pieces of machinery). Lots of different workers are covered — iron workers and welders, window washers and road crews, roofers and framers, and day laborers on construction sites.

Even if you are an undocumented worker, if you were hurt on the job in New York, you have a right to recover money damages for your injuries. The law does protect you.

Get Legal Help Immediately

The New York undocumented construction worker injury attorneys at Powers & Santola have been helping injured workers for more than 25 years. We have helped injured workers get millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for head injuries and back injuries and other serious injuries. We also help families when a worker dies because of injuries in a fall, from defective machinery, being hit by a truck at the job site, or other job dangers.

Se Habla Español — We Have Spanish-Speaking Staff.

Our Albany attorneys work with our clients in their own languages. We have Spanish-speaking staff and we work with translators of other languages to ensure our clients understand their rights if they were injured on the job.

Are You Worried About Deportation?

If you are an undocumented worker, we understand that you are very worried about being deported if you file a claim. We urge you to consider this: Whether you file a claim or not, once you receive medical care from a doctor or hospital, your immigration status is reportable. If you seek medical care, the hospital could report you and you could be deported.

Why not work with a law firm that can help you with both the injury and with your immigration issues. At Powers & Santola, we can connect you with an immigration attorney who can begin the process to seek temporary approval for you to be in the country.

The Law Does Protect You, Even if You Are an Undocumented Worker

Even if you are an illegal immigrant, if you were hurt on the job and can’t work, you CAN receive a jury award for your medical bills and current and future lost wages. New York labor laws want workplace fairness for all construction workers. Contact Powers & Santola, LLP., for a free consultation with an experienced Syracuse lawyer.