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There May Be More than Workers' Comp


Our Goal for You: Maximum Compensation

Workers’ compensation is an important benefit. If you have been injured on the job, no matter how the injury happened, you are entitled to workers’ compensation.

Injured workers are often told that workers’ compensation is all they are entitled to. Under New York Safe Place to Work Laws, however, workers have the right to sue for additional damages when someone on the site did not adhere to safety rules or when required safety equipment was not provided.

At Powers & Santola, LLP., we make sure injured workers know there may be more benefits available than just workers’ compensation.

It is important to know your rights — all of your rights — if you have been injured at work. And it is important to have a Syracuse lawyer like Dan Santola who will fight for those rights.

Workers’ Compensation Pays Medical Benefits and Partial Wages

The payment of your medical expenses and a percentage of your lost income is helpful, but it does not begin to compensate for the enormous physical, emotional and economic losses incurred as a consequence of a serious work injury. The only legal remedy for full and complete recovery of all losses is through a lawsuit.

By filing a claim for violations of New York Safe Place to Work Laws in addition to your workers’ compensation claim, it does not in any way affect your compensation case. There is no penalty or loss of benefits. In fact, New York compensation law provides that if you do not bring the lawsuit, the compensation insurance company has the right to start the lawsuit with or without your cooperation.

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Serious injuries deserve as much compensation as possible under the law. Workers’ compensation is a start, but you may be entitled to far more. Contact our Albany attorney for a free consultation.