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New York State Construction/Worksite Accident Lawyer

$9,400,000Fall from Roof
$4,000,000Fall in Building
$4,000,000Crushed by Truck
$3,500,000Struck by Vehicle
$2,800,000Fall from Ladder
$2,750,000Fall from Bucket Lift
Worksite Injury Accident Claims

If you suffered a work-related injury, whether it was an occupational illness, an on-the-job accident, or an injury caused by the negligence of someone else on the job site, the law office of Powers & Santola, LLP., can help.

Powers & Santola, LLP., is one of the nation’s top ranking, preeminent personal injury law firms by US News and “Best Lawyers in America.” Since 1987, we have helped hundreds of injured workers in manufacturing, construction, warehouses, road construction, utility work, and other industries in upstate New York. One of our experienced Albany construction accident lawyers are available to evaluate your accident claim during a no-obligation, free initial consultation. Contact our New York law firm online to schedule a free consultation in our Albany office (518-465-5995), Syracuse office (315-509-3430), or Rochester office 585-440-6734.

We Adeptly Handle All Worksite Injury Accident Claims

We have handled a wide range of work-related injury and wrongful death claims resulting from construction accidents and other workplace accidents, including:

Workers who are injured on the job are usually entitled to workers’ compensation. In some cases, a worker may also be able to seek third-party liability damages against another company or another company’s employee who caused the injury. We can help you with both types of claims.

We Understand the Unique Laws and Regulations Surrounding These Accidents

Sections 240 (sometimes called the Scaffolding Law) and 241(6) of the New York Labor Law are unique in the way they protect people doing construction work, demolition, repair, or cleaning of structures. These protections are not based on who was “at fault.” The laws apply to all workers, including workers from other states and undocumented workers (illegal immigrants). Utility workers and road-and-bridge workers are often covered by these laws as well.

Bringing a case under these special laws does not affect the construction worker’s ability to seek workers’ compensation benefits. You can seek both, with no penalty or reduction in benefits.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. Workers are entitled to compensation for injuries they suffer related to their job regardless of whether they were at fault or the employer was at fault in causing the injuries. Employers must purchase workers’ compensation insurance coverage. It is compulsory. Because employers have provided this insurance to workers, employers are, by law, immune from lawsuits by employees if the workers’ compensation insurance is in effect.

(If the employers do not have workers’ compensation insurance or have let their insurance lapse, they can be sued by injured employees.)

What Benefits Can a Worker Receive From Workers’ Compensation?

The primary benefits of workers’ compensation are wage reimbursement, medical expenses and death benefits.

Wage Reimbursement – If your injury is such that you would be classified as totally disabled, the lost wage rate is two-thirds (66.66%) of your average weekly wages. The maximum amount you can receive is currently capped at $600 per week, but after 7/1/2010, that cap will be removed. If your injury is classified as a partial disability, the amount you can receive is reduced.

Medical Expenses – There is full reimbursement for all medical expenses directly related to the injury, provided you are treated by a pre-approved provider.

Specific Compensation – If you suffered the loss of a limb or digit, the loss of hearing or vision, or a disfiguring visible scar, you are entitled to a lump sum of compensation, whether or not you missed time off work.

Death Benefits – These benefits are paid to surviving spouses, minor children and sometimes to other family members.

Offering Services From Our Experienced Construction Accident Attorneys

Attorney Daniel Santola, recognized as one of the “Best Lawyers in America,” has handled construction accident cases since 1975. He has been invited by bar associations, judges and law schools to lecture on the topic of construction law. He has “written the book” on construction accident law in New York. With hundreds of cases and millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements to his credit, you will find few injury attorneys better versed in New York construction law.[/spoiler]

Call Our Albany Workplace Accident Attorneys for a Free Consultation

If you were injured on a construction site, contact Powers & Santola, LLP., today to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced workplace accident lawyer. We handle cases involving any work injury, occupational illness or fatal workplace accident case in upstate New York.

Testimonial from a Client

Laura, I don’t even know how to thank you enough. You and your team have been so amazing. What you do is truly wonderful. The families you help are so lucky to have you. Thank you so much.

– Tara


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