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Choosing a Lawyer

The Other Side Will Have Experienced Lawyers

Who is the other lawyer in a construction accident case? It is a lawyer with a great deal of experience in developing strategies designed to not pay the injured worker.

Learn about the ways construction companies are Putting the Worker on the Defensive.

The defense lawyers are well-taught and trained in techniques to minimize or even eliminate the injured worker’s damage award. These lawyers are hired by large insurance companies who have an enormous war chest available for their attorney’s to use in defeating a worker’s claim. They have immediate access to key witnesses, documents and evidence. They conduct training sessions with their clients, the owners and their contractors on what to do immediately after an accident occurs, how to handle the eye witnesses, how to report the accident to the authorities, and how to put the right spin on their version of what happened. This all takes place while the worker and family are still in shock, wondering if the worker will survive the injury.

If you have been injured in a construction or other work site accident in New York, you need a lawyer as skilled and well-armed as the insurance company lawyers. At the Powers & Santola, LLP., law firm, our attorneys have the experience to counter any defense argument the other side presents.

“I know what they will ask,” says attorney Dan Santola. “And I know how to ask the questions that will get to the truth.”

Your Attorney Will Paint a Picture for the Judge and Jury

Usually there is no dispute over the Safe Place to Work Laws require. The dispute is almost always on how to view the facts. The insurance company lawyers are resourceful and smart. The insurance company they work for has immediate access to the accident scene, and they know how to orchestrate the facts to create an image of the accident that benefits them. But at Powers & Santola, LLP., we have seen the other side’s tactics many times over the decades — and we know how to counter them.

The difference between winning and losing is often painting the right picture of what happened in the minds of the judge and jury so they can understand exactly what happened. As experienced trial attorneys, we know how to present an effective argument on your behalf.

We make sure the jury understands the New York Safe Place to Work laws and the obligations of property owners and their insurance companies. Safety responsibility cannot be delegated downward. The other lawyer knows that. We make sure the jury knows.

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The other lawyer is working for the insurance company and the property owner. Our attorneys work for you. Contact us for a free consultation.