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Work Injury Cases: Settlement or Litigation?

In a Work Injury Case, Which Is Better: Settlement or Litigation?

At Powers & Santola, LLP., we never, never look for the easy, quick settlement. All of our lawyers want the best results possible for our client. That means every single case is prepared for trial. We are trial lawyers and that is what we do. We are no strangers to the court room — and the other side knows that.

The reason we prepare for trial is simple: We believe that you should get 100 percent of what you are entitled to.When an attorney advertises quick settlements without having to go to court, insurance companies and their lawyers hear this as “I would rather compromise then go through a trial.” This is not the message we send.

When big companies risk the lives of workers at construction sites and at other work sites, they should not escape their liability. They should be held accountable for violating the law. The injured worker may be entitled to recover all losses, such as full reimbursement for past and future lost wages and fringe benefits; the cost of providing past and future care and treatment; compensation for the disabling injuries and the pain and suffering the worker has and will endure throughout the remainder of his or her life; and for the loss of the normal enjoyment of life the injuries will cause because safety was not a priority. The owner of the property should be accountable to the worker’s family. When a worker is killed in an accident, his or her surviving spouses, children or parents are entitled to recover for the economic losses they will have to suffer as a result of the worker’s death.

There are no compromises at Powers & Santola, LLP., when it comes to getting top dollar for injured clients. Attorney Dan Santola and our entire team will be on your side.

When an Unsafe Workplace Causes Injury, the Owner Should Make It Right

Maybe there was a tight deadline to get the job done. Maybe safety equipment costs too much. Maybe a shortcut seemed like a good idea. Whatever the excuse, we do not want to hear it. Anyone who puts time and cost ahead of workers’ safety should have to pay — and pay dearly — when a worker is injured or killed on the job.

If the insurance company wants to settle, it will be on our terms. Our clients’ needs are our first and only priority. We want the full amount due to you because it’s the law and it’s the right thing to do. Our attorneys do not compromise on insurance settlements.

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The New York Safe Place to Work laws are there to protect you. And we are here at Powers & Santola, LLP., to make sure you get that protection. Contact us for a free consultation.