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We had been fighting a battle with my ob over my son for what seemed like forever. One firm sent us here and we were so thankful! Dan is an amazing attorney and was so gracious to our family.

– Jessica Woodyard

Adam Powers was of the utmost help when I had my accident. He went above and beyond what was required of him to help me with my legal matters. He negotiated the best settlement possible and kept me abreast of… See More

– Kristen Bleichert

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Outstanding legal team! We had 2 major tragedies befall our family. Through it all John Powers and his staff were sensitive and kind while providing outstanding legal service. There isn’t a high enough rating available as far as I am… See More

– Anonymous

“Thank you Laura, Margie, Lisa, Teresa and all of you who helped us! We absolutely can’t thank you enough. You are truly the best at what you do, and I’m so thankful you took my call that day 6 years… See More

– Nancy, Medical Malpractice Client

“Our experience with Powers and Santola was simply exceptional. From the beginning, their unparalleled professionalism earned our trust and the longer we worked with Dan, the more it grew. It soon became clear that his commitment to excellence included an… See More

– Lauren, Products Liability Client

“Laura, I don’t even know how to thank you enough. You and your team have been so amazing. What you do is truly wonderful. The families you help are so lucky to have you. Thank you so much.”

– Tara, Wrongful Death Client

“Margie Soehl is a top notch savvy attorney. She was recommended to us by a former client. She was not only legally savvy but also sensitive to my spouse’s needs. For example, the injuries incurred as a result of the… See More

– Anonymous, Personal Injury Client

“Powers & Santola was so knowledgeable and caring.  I was so very fortunate to find such a great law firm.”

– John, Construction Accident Client

“Powers & Santola are in my opinion, one of the best firms in the nation that deals with product liability litigation.  I cannot imagine anyone being more professional, more compassionate, or fighting harder for a client than Powers and Santola. … See More

– Christopher, Products Liability Client

“I found Powers & Santola to be very helpful in the explanation of all aspects of my legal action.  I was treated with respect and compassion.”

– David, Medical Malpractice/Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Client

“Powers & Santola lawyers made me feel very comfortable through my difficult time.  With any question I had, they were quick to respond and helpful.”

– Robin, Construction Accident Client

Dan Santola helped guide my family through a difficult time and process with the highest sense of compassion and knowledge. Dan’s reputation in his field was evident. When I told other lawyers (both friends and business contacts) that we were… See More

– Joseph, Medical Malpractice Client

As an injured client, the team at Powers & Santola explained the legal process in a friendly manner that I could understand.  In court, they were very professional.  After, they helped in obtaining health insurance and information on handling my… See More

– Ronald, Construction Accident Client

“In July of 2012 my wife, Jessica, was in a horrible car accident. The other driver ran through a stop sign hitting the driver side of my wife’s car, sending her vehicle head on into a telephone pole. The car… See More

– Jason & Jessica, Personal Injury Client

“Margie Soehl worked with me throughout a challenging time and emotional case. I especially appreciated Margie’s hard work, attention to detail and kind, warm demeanor. It was very apparent, that Margie did a lot of preparation and came to know… See More

– Megan, Medical Malpractice Client

“We went to Powers & Santola after they were recommended by several lawyers in my area. I did not know where to turn. My husband at age 49 had woken up from a simple operation not being able to move,… See More

– Anonymous, Spine Injury Client

“John Powers is a friendly down to earth guy. He explains every move so you can understand the legal system. In court he is fully in control and professional. Following, he cares and provides info to make good decisions. He… See More

– Ronald, Construction Accident Client

“Dan’s compassion and heartfelt discussions helped us through a very difficult time. Dan’s knowledge and intelligence are instantly evident upon meeting him, and we could not have been more impressed with how he handled himself at all times.”

– Joseph, Medical Malpractice Client

“Dan took the extra time with me to make sure I understood what was involved in the matter.”

– Robin, Construction Accident Client

“If you would like a very meticulous, competent lawyer and someone you can talk to that is non-judgmental, then Dan Santola is the lawyer for you. He takes the time to thoroughly investigate and understand all aspects of the case… See More

– Michelle, Medical Malpractice Client

“John Powers is an expert in his field, and very personable, as is his staff.”

– David, Medical Malpractice/Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Client

“When tragedy unfairly strikes people, the world can become a very scary and confusing place. At 19 years of age, the unthinkable happened to me. As I laid in the hospital, my parents struggled with a mountain of legal paperwork… See More

– Christopher, Products Liability Client

“Mr. Santola has a great knowledge of the law and he always made me feel like he was looking out for me and my best interests.”

– John, Construction Accident Client