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Truck Accident Attorneys in Syracuse

Red truck accident passing through the highway.Semi-trucks and large commercial vehicles pose a safety concern in the Syracuse area, especially along the I-81 and I-90 corridors. Heavy truck traffic is common on those busy roads. As a result, the risk of getting into a collision with a tractor-trailer is exceptionally high. The negligence of truckers and trucking companies makes matters only worse.

If you were injured in a truck accident or lost a loved one due to the careless or reckless conduct of another party, you need to take immediate action to protect your right to pursue full and fair compensation. Contact Powers & Santola, LLP, in Syracuse today. We can review your case in a free consultation and launch an investigation of your accident right away.

What Causes Tractor-Trailer Accidents in New York?

Tractor-trailers, or 18-wheelers, are just one type of commercial vehicle on the road. Straight trucks, box trucks, rock haulers and dump trucks are a few other types. Tractor-trailers are regulated by state and federal law. Their operators must also undergo strict training to drive these massive vehicles in New York.

The majority of truck drivers are responsible professionals. They are dedicated to their trade, and they focus on safety. Still, some drivers give truck driving a bad name. They put the public in grave jeopardy. When these negligent drivers cause serious accidents, our lawyers at Powers & Santola, LLP, aggressively seek justice for victims and their families. Here are just a few of the ways these accidents happen:

At Powers & Santola, LLP, we conduct immediate investigations into truck accidents. We want to get to the accident scene and take steps to preserve and collect evidence as soon as possible in order to make sure no evidence is lost or destroyed. For this reason, you should contact us as soon as you are ready to act after a tractor-trailer crash in Syracuse or the surrounding area.

Why Are Commercial Vehicles So Much More Dangerous Than Cars?

It’s not just the size of tractor-trailers that makes these vehicles so dangerous. Some industry-specific issues lead to accidents, too. Consider these unique aspects about commercial vehicles and their operation:

It’s important to note that trucking companies can be held liable if their drivers act negligently and cause a crash. This is called vicarious liability. However, trucking companies and others in the industry can also be liable if their own negligence contributes to an accident. The above practices are all examples of conduct that could lead to that type of liability.

Common Injuries in Commercial Truck Accidents

Truck accidents typically result in significantly worse injuries than other types of motor vehicle collisions. This is mainly due to the size and weight of commercial motor vehicles. When 40 tons of steel and cargo fail to stop on time in order to avoid a crash, even low-speed collisions can be horrific. In some cases, large tractor-trailer vehicles have crushed smaller passenger vehicles simply by turning and riding over the top of them. Some of the most common injuries in these accidents in Syracuse and surrounding areas are:

When you work with Powers & Santola, LLP, we will gather all of your medical records, speak with your doctors and, if necessary, review your case with other medical experts. We also consult with life care planners, who can help us to determine the medical care that you will require moving forward. We want to make sure that any settlement or verdict that you receive allows you to get the care and treatment that you need for your physical and mental recovery.

How Do You Prove A Semi-Truck Accident Injury Case?

Trucking companies work closely with their insurance carriers to avoid liability at all costs. They may even do unethical or illegal things to keep from being held responsible for serious injuries. The key to fighting back is to act quickly.

Once you contact an experienced truck accident lawyer from Powers & Santola, LLP, we can rush investigators to the scene to photograph it and investigate the crash. Additionally, we can take immediate steps to gather evidence such as logbook records, bills of lading, toll booth receipts, inspection and maintenance records, cell phone records, GPS data, black box data and toxicology test results. We will also interview witnesses who can describe what they saw, heard or even smelled at the crash scene (such as alcohol on a truck driver’s breath).

We also regularly consult with knowledgeable professionals in fields such as accident reconstruction, trucking safety and engineering. They can help us to determine why your truck accident happened and who should be held responsible for the harm that you or a loved one suffered. We believe that a timely and thorough investigation is crucial for our clients.

Our Syracuse Truck Accident Attorneys Are Ready to Help You

Since 1987, the attorneys of Powers & Santola, LLP, have aggressively protected the rights of truck accident victims and their families in Syracuse and throughout Upstate and Western New York. We know how to effectively investigate and litigate these cases and how to pursue the compensation which our clients deserve. Insurance companies know that we zealously advocate for every client we represent and prepare cases for trial. We never compromise the full value of a case for a quick settlement.

At Powers & Santola, LLP, we accept only a select number of cases for a reason: We want to ensure that each client receives the full extent of our attention and resources. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in our clients’ lives. To learn more about how we can serve you after a truck accident in the Syracuse area, call or reach us online today for a free case review.

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